Innovative Operations and Its Social Contributions

In any economy, people need goods and services, and at the same time they need to be able to buy and afford these. This reason is, for the most part, what businesses are for. Not only do businesses provide goods and services for consumers, but they also provide jobs. With right business models and strategies, the society can depend on these business for a better-developed economy.

Businesses, especially in our time, are becoming more predominant. There are a lot more people venturing into businesses with whole new levels of creative ideas and identities. To help businesses grow and play its role in the society, innovations are important. Fast-paced technological advancements can be overwhelming without the right perception and attitude towards it. However, businessmen with strong mindset and correct approach can use these to their advantage, and set goals for innovations that can ultimately facilitate development.

When it comes to innovations, big and well-known companies have taken ideal and appropriate measures to have such effective results. Since they are big companies, efficient products and services are ensured through the employment of competent people. Yet, being a big corporation can mean that when new market needs arise, drastic changes for their improvement and keeping up and catering to the needs of people cannot be easily implemented. Any change must be properly and thoroughly planned and it may take a lot of time before they can be manifested and put into the market. Innovations don’t come easy for the bigger ones, so this is where small companies start to take a big leap towards success.

Small businesses may produce smaller changes on the economy at first glance, but they undoubtedly produce bigger effects through time. Accordingly, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute 99% of businesses in the Philippines. They also employ over 70% of the working population.  Since they present more opportunities, greater impact is achieved. In addition, smaller companies can be more effective because they are flexible when it comes to upgrading their projects and schemes. They can also be quicker in adapting new marketplace conditions and product innovations.

SMEs may be faster in implementing their innovations, but they need support during the process. There are several functions that they may not be able to independently pursue without the guidance and ideas of innovators. People started to see the need of independent system that could cater to their needs, and this signaled the beginning of business incubators.

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Business incubators are geared towards speeding up the development and success of SMEs and startups/early stage companies. Ideally, this type of firm must be able to present and offer a variety of services that could help bring the different ideas into the market and carry out functional results afterwards. Inspired to aid these SMEs as well as business startups, ALT Solutions was therefore developed.

ALT Solutions is a company that envisions to strategically contribute to businesses by being a business incubator itself. With different teams for design, marketing, and finance, the firm believes that the proper delegation of duties in different levels of expertise could establish a solid backbone for our clients. The different teams in the firm unite and optimize resources to deliver quality services such as business consultancy, branding and finance outsourcing.

In this firm, these services are designed to be rendered online. Innovation through digitalization is one of the biggest game plans of the company. Here, we believe that through effective strategies and coordination, improved productivity, reduced costs and enhanced brand recognition and value can be successfully achieved. Improved turnovers and profitability don’t seem to be far out of reach once we partner our goals with your ideas.

Through the partnership of the firm and the clients, we could bring the best out of each other while effecting helpful results to the economy. More quality services and products are produced, better employment opportunities are made available, and faster development and long-lasting results are secured.

Albert Einstein once said: “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Take risks, think outside the box and look for new angles—taking big leaps lead you to great places!

Written by:

Faiza O. Sanihin | ALT Finance Associate

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